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To close out our quarter, is excited to partner with BEN, BWN, Pride and CFOs for a special Friday Lunch takeover on 7/24 and EOQ events (in lieu of our traditional beer carts!) to raise funds for four nonprofits that have a global reach in the areas of social justice and/or are responding to COVID-19 and one nonprofit in Japan supporting those affected by the recent torrential rains. We recognize that right now we are in a global pandemic that is highlighting social inequities and making disaster response even more difficult, and these organizations are doing work in immediate health response, advocacy, policy change, and workforce development. Our goal for this fund is Boxer participation, so any amount contributed will count towards special matching from, ERGs and Global Execs! We invite you to donate whatever you might for a day of lunch, or whatever you feel like you can give. Update: has announced that if we achieve 60% of Boxer participation, we will donate an additional US$15,000 to the fund!
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